Road Construction

Client: KRG
Year: 2010
Duration: 390 days
Work Location: DORE BARZAN
Budget: 7.6 Million Dollars

Scope of Work

The project consisted of two items:

  • Surveying works for data collection and design of all project elements.
  • Execution of the project.

The project lies in difficult mountain terrain, it was a private project. Project tasks included:

  • Cutting of difficult rock in mountonous terrain and transporting unwanted material outside of project borders, Because of the privacy of the project explosive cutting was not allowed therefore all cat work was done by excavator jackhammers, all cut volume was about (756,446) m3.
  • Filling of low profile areas of about (26,500) m3. Two layers of crushed stone about (24,800)m2.
  • Paving with aggregate base course, Binder course and asphalt wearing course of (63,200)m2.
  • Gravity Retaining wall works using natural rock of about (4,800)m3.
  • Construction of concrete and plastic HDPE culverts with different dimension.
  • Gutter concrete work (1,450M.L).
  • Carb – stone work.
  • Importing and installing electric poles.