HSE Policy

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy

HMH Company will conduct its business with respect to care of people & environment, health, safety & environment performance is an integral part of our business & contribute to our goal becoming a preferred employer & community member of Kurdistan.

Our goal is: ZERO accident, ZERO harm to people, NO damage to the surrounding environment.


To achieve our goals we are committed to:

  1. Understand the member’s & other interested parties requirements and fulfill their needs to meet their expectations by:
  • Establish and maintain HSE Management System that facilitates a structured approach to the management of HSE risk
  • Identify and manage risks to as low as reasonably practicable where they have the potential to cause an accident, injury or illness to people, or unacceptable impacts on the environment or the community;
  • Provide adequate human, financial and time resources to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the HSE Management System;
  • Provide safe work places and systems of work, empower employees and contractors to address unsafe or hazardous situations and carry out their work in a manner that does not present a risk to themselves, others or the environment;
  • Promote a safe culture that encourages people to proactively manage health safety and environmental risk through education, instruction, information and supervision.
  • Monitor own operations and those of our contractors by evaluating performance against systems, procedures and regulations, report HSE performance whilst providing a foundation for continuous improvement.
  1. Achieve Total Customer Satisfaction and Strive to Delight the Customer.
  2. Strive to Prevent Non-Conformance in all Business Process.
  3. Support the Chapter’s Strategic Direction.
  4. Comply with Legal, Statutory, Regulatory and other Applicable Requirements, and ISO 45001:2018 Standard Requirements.
  5. Identify the Opportunity of Improvement in the HSE management system and endeavor every effort to achieve continual improvement in the performance.
  6. Will Continually Improve the processes, with the aim of achieving the required level of service quality and increasing service efficiency.
  7. Will establish HSE Objectives for the various processes as an indicator to monitor the Performance.

I commit that the HSE Policy will be communicated to the Committee Members and Chapter Members to ensure that they have understood and are applying in their processes and tasks.
The policy will also be made available to the relevant interested parties through the established communication system.

Rezhwan M. Othman
Authorized Manager
20 Aug, 2018