Vision and Commitment

Our Vision

HMH Group is vision is to be the most Esteemed, Valued and Respected Construction Company in Kurdistan / Iraq. and the leading construction company in our chosen markets, sought after by potential clients and employees for our track record in reliable execution, cost effectiveness and world class technical sophistication.

The Vision of the HMH Group is not only to maintain its position as one of the leading national contractors but to continuously expand into new segments of the construction industry and into new countries; to keep our clients satisfied and to help them grow and provide the services they want through the projects we build for them; to build a better, safer and environmentally friendly world.

We firmly believe that term-long customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

To continue meeting the changing needs of our valued customers, we are committed to creating value that increases customer competitiveness through a class-world vertically integrated solution that establishes the industry’s standard for superior quality and services.

Esteemed by our Employees
Employees will be proud to work at H.M.H Group since we provide opportunities for growth and reward achievements.

Valued by our Clients and Partners
Our Clients and Partners will value working with H.M.H Group since we deliver all our projects on a timely basis and with the highest quality standards.

Respected by our Community
H.M.H Group strives to protect the environment and the community in all of our business dealings. We aim for the Community to regard H.M.H Group as a responsible member in society that fosters the sound management of resources and protection of the environment.


We are committed to differentiating ourselves by continuously raising our expertise in executing large and sophisticated buildings, Oil and Gas facilities and infrastructure projects while maintaining a highly selective risk management process for every new project and venture.

We will always operate at highest level of safety, quality and cost effectiveness, to ensure we remain the most attractive to our clients, employees and partners.

Our success comes from our people, who strive to continuously innovate, adapt to local markets, and hone their skills. Through this strategy, we will continue to grow and increase profitability.

We are committed to term-long business success, which means that we do not pursue a good financial result at any cost in order to achieve business success, we must respect our stakeholders and create value for all of them, including customers shareholders and employees.