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About Us

Welcome to HMH Group

Hereby we present an introduction about HMH Group. The name of our company is (HMH) which is abbreviated from the name of Company Owner and Director General (Haji Mohhamed Haffara).

HMH Group is holding seven companies. Four of them, which are (HMH, DLZAR, HAFARA and Do BEST), are specialized in general construction contracts. The group’s main fields are: (Civil Construction, Sewage Systems, Road and Bridges, Tunnels, Survey and Design and Civil construction plus logistics for Oil and Gas sector).

HMH Group has skilled and good experienced staff and modern construction machineries and equipment. With the help of our modern heavy equipment and professional technical staff and based on High National and International Standards and Quality Assurance, we execute our projects in KURDISTAN. We have completed and ongoing projects in almost all the Cities and Districts within Kurdistan. Our group has great reputation and reliability. We are proud to be with such a great company. One of our main targets is to satisfy our clients and to maintain our standards.


We have experience in the field of Construction for (25) years. We started in 1988 as a contractor; the business started and was developed gradually, successive in undertaking and carrying our different important projects, until 2006 that HMH Group was established holding the four construction companies.

H.M.H staff is experienced, qualified in the field of engineering, supervision, administrative, technical and financial. 


H.M.H GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Limited was established in 2006 to provide sub-structural & super structural construction work services and is a leading building, civil engineering contractor with a strong involvement in the energy (oil and gas) and industrial sectors and over three decades of experience operating in KURDISTAN region.


H.M.H GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY is a part of the mother group H.M.H GROUP; the group consists of 7 companies.


HMH Group is specialized in General Construction Contracts; the group’s main working fields are (Civil Construction, Sewage Systems, Road and Bridges, Tunnels, Survey and Design, Civil Oil and Gas).

We have more than 25 year experience in our business. Our first work goes back to late 1980s.


HMH Group entered strongly in to KURDISTAN market with its new name HMH Group in 2006, since then we have performed many strategic projects for both Governmental and Private Sector.

And since the new sector explored in Kurdistan which is Oil and Gas, we entered this sector very strongly doing all civil and logistic works in this field. We own more than 120 units of heavy equipment.

The activities and accumulated expertise of H.M.H GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY cover the entire spectrum of construction, enabling it to undertake almost every type of project: planning, execution, maintaining, financing of projects providing. 



1.      Building & building services.

2.      Civil construction.

3.      HSE services.

4.      Firefighting equipment supply.

5.      Civil infrastructure.

6.      EPC facilities

7.      Oil & Gas industry logistics.

8.      Warehousing & storage facilities.

9.      Waste management.

10.  Fuel supply & water supply.

11.  Supply of civil construction equipments.


H.M.H GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY has completed many challenging and prestigious roads and infrastructure projects and our project portfolio includes transportation projects, road and water conveyance tunnels, bridges, irrigation schemes, heavy foundations, infrastructure projects, water and sewage treatment plants



To be a leading international building, civil engineering enterprise, with a strong involvement in the energy (oil and gas) and industrial sectors.




Quality Assurance

The high quality in our activities is a hallmark that has distinguished us in our endeavors as an international contractor. We strive to enhance this attribute of our Group, so as to differentiate us from our competitors in the industry and to contribute to our long term reputation and growth.


Work Safety
we adhere to an employee safety-first approach in our operations. The benefit of this approach can be evidenced by millions of accident-free work hours. To maintain our commitment to work safety, we constantly review and upgrade our on-site safety training and procedures to international standards.

We are proud to mention that till this date our records are free from LTIs, our company LTIRF is 0.

With our modern fleet of civil construction equipment plus supporting vehicles & with the high qualified technical personnel, H.M.H GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY performed some of the most challenging contracts in KURDISTAN region.